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The Woods are Lovely, dark and deep

My approach to creating imagery starts with the act of carrying around a camera. While going through daily life, or during special adventures, imagery will jump out at me, and in that moment I know that I need to record it. These flashes of connection are often inspired by the sublime qualities of nature or cherished moments of friendship. I reproduce these experiences through printmaking. The act of making prints combines my love of working in the photography darkroom with my love for drawing. Printmaking is a time-consuming process that allows me to relive the moments being depicted. My work encourages viewers to slow down and appreciate what makes life worth living. For me, that means taking time to be present with nature or enjoying connections with others. 

In this body of work I explore my meditations in nature from the past five years and how I often relate my long term friendships to a walk in the woods.

Potato Falls, Wisconsin. Copper Falls State Park. Two friends sitting on rocks overlooking a waterfall. Sunny Summer day. Bright green trees and blue water and blue sky. Six color screenprint on white paper.
Potato Falls River
Lost Creek Falls
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