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Circuits of time

In 2022 I was selected to be part of the ARTservency program through Port Washington's Gallery 224 and the Ozaukee Washington County Land trust. Over the course of a year I was able to devote myself to studying Milwaukee’s Lake Park. Years ago I moved from rural Wisconsin to Milwaukee for college and have found solace in Lake Park since then. This urban park is a special getaway, making it seem like you’re deep in the woods when you’re really in the thick of the city. The rich history of the park has been fascinating to learn about. While taking walks there I find myself thinking about the cycles of life that have existed in that place. The courses of nature run constantly in loops. There's remnants of humans here spanning thousands of years. I think about all of the other humans who have sat in the same place, looked at the same trees, and gone through the same things. There's a sense of continuity and shared experience that transcends time and space.

lake_park_shadow copy.jpg
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